Clarinetista peruano

During July 25 and August 2nd I will be a guest artisit at the first International Clarinet Festival in Guatemala.

I will give two master classes to the clarinet students, and together with the Camerata String Orchestra I will perform the "Concertino Silvestre" for bass clarinet and string orchestra by Rafael Junchaya. This concert is the 31rst July.

But the 29th I perform part of my Peruvian Music program at the music Conservatory - works like "Himno al Sol", "El condor pasa" and "Tres Estampas de Arequipa".

To close the festival, I will conduct some of my ensemble arrangements with the Clarinet Choir of the festival. This will be a great event for all of us. Congratulations to Sergio Reyes, promoter and organizer of this first clarinet festival.