Clarinetista peruano

The Ministry of Education of Peru , department of Culture and Education, has an open ear for new experiences. While talking to Renata Teodori (responsable of the Culture and Education department) I told her about the importance for a musician to experience improvisation, to create, to pay attention to each sound that is happening around him/her . I had the courage to ask her to have a impro session with the full Young Symphony Orchestra, an enesmble conducted by Wilfredo tarazona, a great musician. She didn't hesitate to say yes, neither Wilfredo.

This Friday 24 there will be a celebration of music. I will be working with these young musicians from 11.00 in the morning at Casa Cueto, together with my new ensemble LiPiBRePe. Some graphic scores are already prepared for the ocassion together with some fun material for the orchestra to experience free improvisation. Everything will be filmed and upload in YouTube.

Free improvisation is not a common vocabulary in Lima, and rarely there is a concert featuring improvisation not related to jazz. This is the first time in Peru that there will be an orchestral improvisation!

Be in touch, the videos will be soon in my channel in YouTube!