Clarinetista peruano

Thelema Trio has a new CD named "Neither From Nor Towards...", released by American label Innova Recordings.

"Neither From Nor Towards…, the second full-CD of this promising Belgian trio, features exclusively compositions for saxophones, clarinets and piano which have been written for Thelema Trio by composers from North and South America. The trio has worked intensively with these composers during their concert tours in both continents over the past years. Neither From Nor Towards… is the fascinating result of an international and multicultural confrontation between musical minds".

This new recording includes my solo clarinet composition called "Imprevisto", which I wrote for my friend Mario Alvarado. "Neither From Nor Towards…" will be released with a big Thelema Trio concert at the great Bijloke Concert Hall in Belgium, the 3rd November, at 20:00.