Clarinetista peruano

HyeKyung Lee is a very creative composer. One of her piano piece - Opposed Directions - is part of Duo DICTO's program, and I love that work.

In 2006 HyeKyung composed a wonderful duo for Thelema Trio, in which the pianist can rest for at least 8 minutes. The piece is called "Shadowing", scored for alto saxophone and clarinet. I premiered the piece with Peter Verdonck in USA, in the presence of the composer.

It occurred to me that the piece may work for two clarinets, and so I asked HyeKyung for a quick adaptation of her Shadowing - and so she did. In this way, I could also study the saxophone part and know the piece fully. I proposed to the composer to make a home made recording, and why not, a video.

After some hours recording both parts, and then filming the city of Deinze, this is the result in YouTube. This video provoked a nice article in Deinzeonline, and recently it has been featured in New York's music Blog Sequenza21.

I'm very thankful to HyeKung Lee for sharing her music, and I encourage clarinettist to perform this wonderful piece. This version for two clarinets has not been yet performed live, so...who will be the first?