Clarinetista peruano

During the third week of February I will be rehearsing with the Vlaams Radio Orkest from Belgium, a very busy ensemble that dedicates concerts to contemporary music during its annual program. This orchestra was founded in 1935 and its one of the most representative in the Belgian music scene.

I have been invited to take part of the concert dedicated to the music of György Ligeti and Béla Bartok, with Stefan Asbury as guest conductor. I will play clarinet and bass clarinet in Ligeti's "Apparitions" and Bartok's "Zwei Bilder" and "Concerto for two pianos"- both composers are in my personal top favourite list, so this will be a very intense experience.

The first concert will take place at the Bijloke Concert Hall (Gent), the 21rst of February, and the second one - the 23rd February - at the Flagey Hall (Brussels). The full program and details are announced here. The first concert will be transmitted Friday 28th February in Radio Klara, and the second performance will be shown on Canvas, a Belgian television channel. What a Hungarian week that will be!