Clarinetista peruano

During May and June I will be visiting some cities in The Netherlands as part of a musical/media project.

I have been invited as a musician of the Visual - Audible tour, starting 16 May and ending 16 June. This project shows ten short experimental films from artist like Barbara Meter, Karel Doing, Jan Frederik Groot, Andras Hamelberg and Edward Luyken. A group of musicians perform live music, specially composed for this occasion. The rehearsals will take place at the Film Museum in Amsterdam.

I will join with my bass clarinet the musicians Marko Kassl (accordion) and Hilary Jeffery (trombone & electronica). The composers Philemon Mukarno and Juan Felipe Waller are also performing with us.

We will visit the following cities:

» Friday 16 May 21:30, Vondelkerk,
Amsterdam (opening "Filmmuseum Experimenteel", Filmmuseum 16-18 May)
» Sunday 18 May 14:00, LUX, Nijmegen
» Wednesday 21 May 20:30, Filmhuis Movie W, Wageningen
» Sunday 1 June 20:00, Filmhuis Lumen, Delft
» Thursday 5 June 21:00 WORM, Rotterdam
» Sunday 8 June 14:30, ‘t Hoogt, Utrecht
» Monday 16 June 19:30, Filmhuis Den Haag

This is a very exiting program!