Clarinetista peruano

Bassoon: Václav Vonásek; flute: Lenka Konderková; clarinet: Marco Mazzini;
English horn: Jacqueline Leclair; oboe: Vilém Veverka

Last May 2007 I had the great opportunity to perform in one of the best concert halls in the world: the famous Carnegie Hall. I played as a member of the Ostrava International Orchestra (Czech Republic), and as a guest musician with the S.E.M Ensemble of New York, both conducted by Petr Kotik.

With these ensembles I played music by Stefan Wolpe, Iannis Xenakis and Earle Brown. I also performed Karheinz Stockhausen's quintet "Zeitmaße" with my colleagues of the Czech orchestra - a tricky piece to play! These works asked me to play clarinets (Bb and A) and bass clarinet.

Rehearsals went very fine and the final concert was attended by a large audience. We had a positive review at the New York Times.

During this time in New York, I had the great opportunity to meet Jerry, the man behind Sequenza21 - we had a nice lunch together talking about a bit of everything. He was very kind to create this entrance in his blog.

A wonderful experience, full of good friends and good music.